Emerging Leaders Workshop

Denice Denton Emerging Leaders Workshop – Frequently Asked Questions for Sponsored Groups

  How can my institution become a “sponsored group”—what are the benefits?

If an institution would like to sponsor the travel and conference fees for their faculty participants, we request that they register with us as a “sponsored group”.  This will allow their selected participants to register for the conference without having to spend personal funds on the registration fee.  An invoice will be generated for the entire group ($325 per participant) and sent to the sponsoring institution for payment.  In addition, institutions that sponsor their faculty participants will be acknowledged at the workshop on June 3rd.

Once an institution has registered their intention to be a “sponsored group”, we will send you a special link for your selected faculty to use for registration.

  How many faculty can we sponsor?

Each institution may send up to FOUR mid-career faculty to this event.  We are keeping the participant list limited in order to maximize the opportunities for networking.

  How soon do I need to prepare my list of faculty?

Faculty can register as late as May 20, 2016...but we do expect this conference to fill up. The earlier you can select your participants and encourage them to register using the special link, the better the chances they will have a space at the workshop.

  How should we select our four faculty?

This is of course up to each institution.  The conference is targeting Assistant and Associate Professors in physical science, mathematics, and/or engineering disciplines who have been in a tenure-line position for 4-15 years.  We especially encourage those persons who are underrepresented in these fields to attend (e.g., all women, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities, LGBT persons.)  Some institutions will simply select ideal participants; some are inviting ALL faculty who fit the main criteria, and asking them to submit a short statement about why they’d like to attend, then selecting from those who respond.  If you would like a sample invitation in order to pursue the latter approach, Jennifer Sheridan (jennifer.sheridan@wisc.edu) is happy to provide a sample for you.

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